In Canada, car loan rates can vary anywhere from 0% to as high as 39% interest but look no further! 411Drives offers you the most competitive rates on the market. Get started today and use our car loan calculator because 411Drives has a solution for everyone!


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How does 411Drives offer the best
car loan rates in Canada?

411Drives has a solution for everyone.

Partnering with 18 lenders allows us to offer the most competitive rates in Canada! This means you receive the best and lowest rates we have to offer. Traditional dealerships only partner with up-to 3 different lenders. The more networks and lenders on board, the more opportunities for you!

How can I get the best car loan interest rate?

When you apply today and fill out our car loan application, you will be able to find out your exact pre-approval amount within 1-2 business days. This car loan calculator will allow you to see a rough estimate in how your payments will be calculated.

How does the term affect how much I pay?

The smaller your term, the higher your payment is because you are paying your loan amount faster. The smaller the term, the less you pay monthly which means the longer it takes to pay your loan.

How does the down payment affect my payment?

The down payment can affect the total monthly payment you are paying back. When you decide to put a down payment towards your loan, this means that your monthly payment and loan amount is cheaper. The more money you put down, the cheaper your monthly payment becomes.

Understanding Car Terms and their definition:

  • Interest Rate:
    This is the annual interest rate for the loan given.
  • Term:
    This is the duration of how long you will have the loan for. Example. 32 months, 72 months, etc.)
  • Down Payment:
    This is money that you would like to pay towards the loan first. This helps lower your monthly payment which helps you pay down your loan faster!
  • Trade Allowance:
    This is the amount of what your vehicle is worth when trading in.
  • Payment Frequency:
    This lets you know how often the payments on your loan will be made. The most common option is to pay on a bi-weekly schedule which is 26 payments per year. This is the easiest because it resembles most people’s pay period. There are also payment options where you can make weekly payments (52 payments per year) or a lump sum payment which is the monthly payment. (12 payments per year).

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Do you offer only Financing?

411 Drives offers more than just financing. We can assist you if you are looking to lease, buy a vehicle out right or if you found a vehicle that you need funding for.

Is a down payment or upfront payments required?

Although we have many $0 down options available, a down payment has its benefits. It can help lower your monthly payments as well as demonstrates to lenders that you are serious in making this commitment.

What do I need to get approved? What are the requirements needed?

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Have 2 forms of valid photo ID. (Driver’s License, Passport, Social Insurance, etc.)
  3. Proof of income. (Paystubs, Notice of Assessment, T4, Bank Statements, ODSP & Pension documentation, etc.)

How much can I get Pre-approved for?

The amount that you are pre-approved for depends on multiple factors. After you have submitted your auto loan application, a finance specialist will contact you to discuss the details of your pre-approval.